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Virtual Care is Now Available in South Georgian Bay

Virtual Care:

Our local Collingwood After Hours Clinic and many doctors in South Georgian Bay are now offering virtual visits to their patients when it is appropriate, and can be supported by the patient. If you are interested in learning more, ask your doctor about how to be seen virtually.

Online Appointment Booking:

All primary care doctors in South Georgian Bay are currently being supported by the SGB OHT to offer their patients online booking! Click the link below to see if your doctor is offering this service. If your doctor doesn’t yet offer online booking, stay tuned, they are in the process of training and onboarding, and will be available soon!

Preparing for Your Virtual Visit

Did you know? 

Patients who ask questions and take an active role are more satisfied with their care and see greater improvements in their health than patients who don’t.


Our work together is possible because we have a shared goal across community partners of what we’d like to see for our community. I feel very fortunate to be working with dedicated physicians and other health and social care leaders in this area. We continue to build and strengthen our relationships and are creating better systems for our patients. An example of this is our advancements in virtual care, led by the South Georgian Bay OHT Digital Health Lead Dr. James Lane. We are at a place now, in South Georgian Bay, where we can be adaptive and responsive to community health needs, like responding to some of the challenges posed by COVID-19 to keep our community safe.

Dr. Harry O’Halloran

Lead Physician, Georgian Bay Family Health Organization

Watch the video below to learn about how easy a virtual visit with a healthcare is!

Your South Georgian Bay Ontario Health Team has made the Telus PS Suite Virtual Care tool available to all health care practitioners in South Georgian Bay at no cost to the patients to see you through virtual video. Check out the link below to learn how easy it is to use! 

Scroll down to read the feedback from a patient in our community!

This is why virtual care is so important to have!

As a result of COVID, the medical community has had to adapt how it provides healthcare services to its patients.  The ability to offer online appointment booking is just one convenience that allows patients more control over their access to health visits and treatments.  As we move forward with virtual (online) visits for patients, this is the next step in the evolution. Once an individual, or their caregiver, is familiar with the technology it provides an easy, convenient, and safe option for patients to meet face to face with their healthcare providers.  It is especially beneficial for immuno-compromised people, people suffering from chronic conditions with mobility issues, those who are unable to get to a doctor’s office due to disabilities or lack of transportation, and seniors during the winter months when travelling can be hazardous. The ability to see and speak to a healthcare provider “face to face” is also important from a social aspect of seeing someone outside the home.

The patient is often more relaxed in a home setting and may be more forthcoming with any problems they are experiencing.  It also offers the healthcare provider a “look” into the home circumstances and can open the discussion about support requirements in the home depending on the patient circumstances.


South Georgian Bay

  Virtual After-Hours Care

Did you know? 

You can now be seen virtually through a secure video platform for After-Hours Care!
All you need is a device with a camera, such as a tablet or smart phone, and an email address!
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