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Sign up at the following link to receive MyPractice Reports and join the many primary care physicians in South Georgian Bay who are already taking advantage of this service.

The MyPractice report includes a breadth of information, including ED visits, hospital re-admissions, number of specialist consultations, cancer screening rates, diabetic indicators, as well as patient demographics.

Reports are fully customized, with data refreshed up to March 31, 2023. Physicians can access their reports at:

MyPractice Reports are designed to empower healthcare practitioners in Ontario with actionable information, ultimately supporting informed decision-making and enhancing overall practice management.

In addition to your data, these reports include:

  • Practice ideas that can help optimize your antibiotic prescribing, as well as links to resources such as Choosing Wisely Canada’s The Cold Standard to help support improving care for your patients.
  • Information about a viral and/or Delayed prescription pad from Choosing Wisely Canada. Evidence has shown that reviewing a viral prescription can help with difficult conversations regarding antibiotics and increase patient satisfaction.  You can also easily integrate it into your EMR in several languages.
  • Practice information for cancer screening and how physicians are performing relative to the FHO, the North Simcoe area and the province.

If you are a family physician practicing in a patient enrolment model (PEM), you are also able to access Ontario Health’s Screening Activity Report (SAR). The SAR is an online audit and feedback tool that provides PEM primary care physicians with a visual overview of their roster, patient screening statuses, and actionable categories to improve cancer screening rates and follow-up.

To receive your SAR, sent out monthly, in addition to your MyPractice: Primary Care report, click to learn more

If you have questions or suggestions for improving these reports, please email us at

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