March 2020

And still ongoing, the SGB OHT Partners came together to proactively respond as one cohesive community to COVID-19, building on our strengths and aligning to our OHT goals and structure, reconfirming the value of being an OHT.

Jan-Sept 2020

The SGB OHT continued their generative process of engagement with all key stakeholders and citizens in SGB in the development of the SGB OHT.

Dec 2019

A significant milestone was achieved by inviting health and social care organizations and patient and family advisors in SGB to come together and define the purpose, principles and priorities for the SGB OHT.

May 2019

The SGB OHT was established by 11 longstanding partners with a demonstrated significant impact when working together. The partners are committed to broad collaboration with all health and social care organizations and citizens in SGB.
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